Impeller Selection Help



Hey Joe!

This is what I have hear in Canada on the East coast.
Sea Level, Daytime temps 80+, Calm to light chop, Low humidity.

  1. Sea Doo GTR 215 Supercharged (2013) with 92 hrs
  2. Looking for Increase in Top Speed (current 67-68 mph)
  3. Current Mods (none)
  4. Altitude = Sea Level

Not looking at spending $thousands of dollars on a 260 hp conversion kit. Was looking at performance intake grate, sponsons, a Solas variable pitch impeller, and SS wear ring (looking to break 70 mph).

Also, is there any advantage to adding a 4 inch air intake kit, or do you have to also add a through hull exhaust? Looks like for every MPH gain, you are looking at between $600 - $750. Yikes!!!

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September 6, 2018 (Europe: Paris), September 5, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)


Nice on the guy in the bg lol.

So for that you’re looking at a 14/19:

Biggest gains will be from the impeller, air intake, and a tune. After that, yeah each MPH for top speed gets real expensive. Exhaust won’t do much for performance, mostly just about the sound. Sponsons won’t increase speed, just enhance stability and handling.


Thanks Joe, :sunglasses:

So … the best bet might be a Stage 1 Kit (+4 mph)?

After adding the Riva Air Intake, Riva Intake Grate, Competition OPAS Kit (and Impeller); is this the reason why they suggest the - Solas Concord SRZ-CD-13/18A Impeller v.s. the SRZ-CD-14/19A?

And, just to confirm … will the Stage 1 Kit (RIVA Sea Doo RXT/GTX 215 - Part# RS-RPM-RXT-1) fit on my 2013 Sea Doo GTR 215?

Thanks again!


Typically yes, that is the best route.

So the relationship between pitches and RPMs is similar to a car with gearing. The higher the pitch number, the higher the gear. If you are in 1st gear, you can accelerate quickly but will also redline well before your top speed. Similarly, a lower pitch number means better acceleration, but you’ll redline before your max potential speed.

The 13/18A is lower pitch, but when you add a tune you can increase your max RPM. This is why it is kinda backwards from normal. Make sense?

For more info on the kits and modding, please open a new thread so we can keep this one on impeller selection.


Hello. I have seadoo rxp260rs 2015. Stock. What size impeller I need to buy . Thanks


I Brought a 2016 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO new. I like to slalom and barefoot ski. My goal is a better hole shot with less cavitation while staying off the rev limiter. A top loader intake grate is the only performance enhancement at sea level. It pulls hard right up to the rev limiter upon take off until skier is up. If the RPM’s went higher would it pull harder or do you think I’m dealing more with cavitation? Either way, I’m considering a dual impeller system and need help with options and what to expect. I believe this unmodified 1.8 liter engine has enough power to do the job and think it should pull to end of its power band without “spinning out” when pulling a skier up. I’m looking for low end torque pump efficiency with top end speed not to drop below 60 mph. In the meantime, can the within tolerance stock impeller be bent a little without actually being removed from the shaft to get me by?