Impeller Selection Help


Any altitude


Heh I really meant “are you at any altitude (ie; 5000ft)” vs “are you at Sea Level”.

This is the general impeller:

Take a couple MM off the trailer edge if at altitude.


I live in the Pacific Northwest and have an altitude of 1800ft. I know the stage 1 kit shows a 13/20. What is the major difference between a 12/20 and a 13/30? George


Just slightly different pitches. We’ve had good luck with the 12/20. The 13/20 is a little taller, but would still recommend the 12/20


Thank you and just placed an order from you for the 12/20 and I am also using your supercharger rebuild service. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you George


George, you’re certainly welcome! Thank you for the business