Impeller Solas - Venturi Broken


I need help. I have PWC seadoo RXT-X As 260 2012 and purchased the impeller Solas SRZ-CD-16/21A and replaced by the original jet ski to increase performance. It was very good, but with a week of use the venturi broke and I didn’t understand why. I replaced the venturi with a new one and it broke again. Questions I ask:

  1. Did I choose from wrong impeller? Should I change anything since I altered the PWC design condition, like a special venturi or nozzle?
  2. can it be mounting error with excessive torques on the screws?
  3. Do you have reports of this happening?

I’d be grateful for the help.

Sincerely, Carlos.


Seen it, but usually it is from additional power. Can you verify that your reverse gate is completely clearing the venturi while in forward?