Issue with Hydro-Turf Spark mats


Got my order today. Couple of issues. Color- The Yellow camo depicted on the site matches the Spark Yellow to a tee…What I got is Orangeish-Yellow. I know it will fade some and match sooner or later. Maybe. Second ,and the biggest issue. The Logos are backwards. Facing inwards not outwards. Totally wrong! On the site they face correctly-outward. Not really happy about that.! Was going to order another set for my kids…


Please shoot us a reply to your emailed receipt with pictures so we can address the issues.

We can’t do much for color matching, but we can get the inboard logo pieces remade. The colors seem to vary slightly per batch they make, which is why we suggest getting the samples if precise matching is what you are looking for.

Definitely want to work towards making you happy!


Got made happy! I think it was Greg I talked to He put a bug in Hydo-Turfs ear and they called me directly to sort out my problem. Problem solved! I appreciate it.! Look for more orders from me!


Really glad to hear. If you need anything else, just shout!