Led light bar suggestions?

any suggestions on size, brand, brightness, etc of a light bar to mount into a seadoo spark trixx 2019 model. we do some overnight trips on the ocean and sometimes a light would be nice. obviously i don’t need to be traveling at night but someone just getting from the beach to the boat across a small Bay is required.
also if there’s a better shot trip mount the lights than just bar mounting them, any suggestions or picks are appreciated.

Hey Kevin, did you come up with something?

no not yet. i got a 12 inch light bar that’s portable that i use for a key boat. it lights up the river good. but a river has edges that reflect and you can see decent. wide open water seems to need more light. plus I’m looking for something smaller. I’m not fully convinced i want to put holes anywhere on the machine so it would probably need to be a quick connect to the handle bars for when it’s in use. maybe id need a better battery also? I’m surprised brp doesn’t make something already for seadoos.