Light cast pisons

2016 310R LX or SE anyone with piston problems.

Yeah we’ve seen a few issues with these. I’m sure more will chime in soon.

Really … I was at Lake Anna in Virginia in July with my new ski and I ran into a guy had the exact same ski 310r he said his Pistons went bad on his Kawasaki at 21 hours.
Went back to Lake Anna the following weekend at 22.5 hour my kawai blow up exactly how he said his blow… it in the shop now. Under warranty no worries.

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This happened to my friend’s a few weeks ago. Now what he is trying to figure out is if it’s a problem with the pistons or if the pistons are a symptom of another underlying problem. What do you think the issue is?

Well im no mechanic by any means but guy i ran into works on high performance ski’s and owns his own shop and what he told me was its the pistons. Ive also talked with other mechanics and was told that the kawasaki’s have heat issues and to monitor the oil very carefully.
I was just told the parts to repair my ski came to a total $13,320. Unbelievable!!!
The ski is under warranty now im waiting to see if Kawasaki is going to total it or give me a new ski…
I have my lawyer ready case they try BSing me.