Looking for more speed and acceleration

Looking to get my 2018 Sea doo tuned
Currently have the 90hp with IBR everything all stock. I live in higher elevation approximately 4500ish elevation. Also would like to do some wheelies on the lake and play around. I saw vts add ons and impellars. Looking for more speed and acceleration

With a 2018, you just need extended vts to get the full range of the trixx.

An impeller and tune will do wonders for acceleration…you won’t be disappointed.

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Hey Joe, thanks for the recommendations I bought the maptuner x license, free flow exhaust, vts, and 12/14 impeller. Now I’m just not sure which software to load on the maptuner. There are 5 boxes that I can check to submit request
Spark stage 2 8500
Spark stage 3 8600
Spark stage 3 E85 8900
Spark stage 3 Racing 8900
Stock File
Which do I check with what I have for my 2018 Spark 3 up 90hp with IBR? Or do I check them all?

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