Map tuner for 2017 Yamaha VX CRU HO

Hello to all my PWC family. I am asking about Map Tuners. What does it really do and what kind can I get for my Ski? Many different ones.
Also I recently changed my intake grate and plate for better performance. I did lose some speed so how can I get back speed with other add on? It is ok for just cruising but just thinking of adding speed later.
I am also thinking of getting Sponsons.
Thank you for your help.

Your in the right direction! Map tuner will unlock what the factory set it for with what it has, being said give more air , and open the exhaust flow let your PWC function better, now map tune and a different prop you will have better take off and more RPM = higher speed.

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Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. Will try the map tuner .

Does anybody know where to hook up the maptuner to a 2020 gp1800 ho

Never mind thay send the wrong cable