Map Tuner X 2014 FX SVHO


I have a few questions about this performance upgrade:

  1. Is it okay to add to a stock machine or are other upgrades required 1st?

  2. Is there a repair risk, will it create other problems?

  3. If I am doing 75-76 MPH now, how much can I expect after this upgrade?


How are you hitting 75-76? Any other mods? Is that verified on GPS?

Reliable tunes are…well, reliable. I’d go with a stage 1 setup and you’ll be fine. Start raising your max RPMs beyond 8500 and you’ll have more things to worry about.

I’d also consider getting an intake and impeller as well to round out the mods. Well worth it!


Not GPS, but yes hitting 76MPH on calm water with my 190Lbs. and a full tank of gas. Stock with only the Solas I got from you. It was your repitch!!!
I will go with stage 1 but it will have to be over the winter, I just want to ride (not wrench) until after Labor Day weekend.


Sounds like a good impeller then! lol

Check that speed via GPS. You can use an app on your phone if you don’t have a dedicated one like a Garmin. The intake and tune won’t take you 2 hours to install.