Maptuner Reg Code and Tuning Code


Bought the SeaDoo Map Tuner Kit. Order number #100010899. Checked all my emails from PWC sales. No Maptuner Reg code or no License for the Ski unless it was preloaded but since I cannot make an account with not reg code I do not know for sure.

How to I get access to these codes?


Hey there. It would of been emailed to you. I justre-sent the email. Please let me know if you don’t see it and I can send it to a different email address!



got the email and the code.

thanks for the quick response on a weekend!


just loaded the stage 2 8500 tune on the 2017 GTI 90. took it for a spin and got an error code after a few minutes of riding. P16C8. before the error code i was still capped at 8050 rpm’s. when reconnecting the tuner the info tab showed the 8500 tune was last loaded. going to load the factory tune back on and see if it rides stable again. any idea what the issue might be?


reloaded the stock tune and she drives perfect again. defiantly did not like the stage 2 tune. i will try it again later this week and report back. back on the stock tune for now. appear to be capped at 7960 rpm and 42 mph with the stock tune.


Occasionally the tunes don’t “take”. Try the stage 1 tune next time.


If you have you should E Mail Jesus Garcia at Riva. I mean I had issues with my tune on my ski i e mailed him and he straightened it out for me


I can confirm stage 1 tune is working well. Noticeable difference in mid range, only 1-2 mph more top end however. Still cannot hit 8300 rpms unless it comes out of the water some. Going to try to reload the stage 2 tune again soon. Will report back afterwards.


not much between stage 1 and stage 2 , on stage 2 ski will run a little richer