Maptuner X E85 Tune


I have read in multiple places that the E85 tune for the 900 ACE provides 120 hp ? How is that possible? Does anyone know. You would think using gas with less octane would not provide more HP that a standard tune for 91 gas. Curious what the technology is behind that tune.


So equal volumes of fuel with different octane will have different energy potentials.

But you can just inject the extra 10% or so that makes up the difference for E85 and since it is less prone to detonation you can run more aggressive timing.


E85 is 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol…not 85 octane. The ethanol(corn alcohol) has a higher resistance to burn (octane) and also cools the fuel mixture, thus allowing more horsepower to be produced.


Biker is right…what I wrote is pretty confusing as it is apples and oranges.

To further correct what I said, E85 has less potential energy, which is the reason for injecting more rather than due to octane.