Maptuner X Rental - Can it reset check engine lights and codes?

Good afternoon,

I have a 2018 Spark Trixx that I fired up for the first time since it was winterized at the dealer last September when I purchased it).
It was sluggish starting and took a bunch of cranking to get it to fire up (I chalked it up to the fogging oil and low battery)
Upon start up, I was greeted with a check engine light and audible alarm.
Thinking the check engine light was caused by the low voltage battery, I replaced it with a new AGM battery from Autozone.
I read a few forums that mentioned the check engine light might go away with running it so I put it in the lake and it ran great all weekend without any loss of power or adverse affects (besides the check engine light and alarm every 15 minutes or so and every time at start up).
I believe that there is a stored engine code that just needs to be cleared out and that there isn’t anything wrong with the ski itself.
With all that said, can the MaptunerX Rental unit clear the check engine code and error message, or do I need to take it to the dealer to have the code reset?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Yes, it can clear the codes as well.

How many times did you run it since the CEL?

Good morning Joe,

Thank you for the reply.

Honestly, I ran it for 3 days over the weekend. Start/stop cycles maybe 20 times.
I was going based off information that unless it went into limp home mode that it was a minor fault and should clear itself up on the water after driving it around for a bit.

It good to know that the rental unit can clear the code/read the code.

Ill place an order today to rent it for the two week span.

If there is anything else I should know please let me know.

Thanks again!


Yeah, sounds like you need it cleared. Hopefully it doesn’t pop again, but if it does then you’ll know what the issue is and can fix then reset. Get a tune put on it while you’re at it!

Here is what you need to turn your maptunerx into a diagnostic device MaptunerX Sea-Doo BRP Home Service Application