MaptunerX questions

Does anyone know what windows app to download for my Chromebook? This is to run the maptuner x software. Or do I need to buy another cheap Windows laptop?


Need windows device. I’m not sure if there is a windows program emulator for Chromebook. Really you don’t even need a laptop…desktop is fine. You only hook to your computer to download the actual tunes…you don’t need it to run the tuner.

Okay thanks for the information. I don’t have desktop so i will find a cheap windows based laptop.


Where do you get the code for the maptuner

Should have been emailed to me says riva videoclip

Can you tell me joe why is my flash not taking tryed it with both plugs unplugged too

Sorry for the delay, didn’t see this thread. All set now? The codes get sent via email.

Does PWC Muscle install any of the parts it sells?