Marblehead/Port Clinton/Sandusky Ohio


Hey guys!

Anyone with a Spark ride in Marblehead/Port Clinton/Sandusky Ohio area over the summer?


I’m going there 4th of July to ride but I don’t have a spark


That’s no big deal. Maybe we can get a bunch of us from the forum together during that time. Anyone else going to be in Marblehead around July 4?


You still gonna be around Marblhead


Yes we are. Every weekend


what has water been like is lake level up or down ? Last year when I went I accidently hit sand over by that beach right next to marina . No damage but it definitely made me aware . Have you ever rode your ski to cedar point ? I am gonna be there on 1st and 2nd that weekend .


I live up hear year round, have a 2016 FZR and a 2017 GP1800 if anyone wants to ride