Maximize Spark Power (not speed)


Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and came across this site while searching online. I am looking at buying a flyboard and have heard the HP in the Spark limits the height and performance of these boards.

I am looking to maximize the thrust or power of my machine (not the speed) and I am looking for advice on how to do so.

From what I have read in the forums it appears I should be doing the following:

  1. Tune to 110HP
  2. Add impeller (appreciate recommendation models/styles based on my requirements)
  3. Other MODS related to intake, etc?

I am open to any other suggestions that may help in this area.

Thank You in advance!


Welcome to the site! The tuning bundle and prop will make a huge difference in performance. The cold air intake and ribbon delete will help pass more air. The sponsons will help with cornering and handling.

It sounds like the stage 2 kit would be ideal for you. You can see it here:

Don’t forget to add a spare ring and an impeller removal tool, it is always best to install a new impeller with a new ring so the two can marry:

As always use promo code SHIPIT at check out to get free shipping on your entire order even with the bundled discounts!

Let me know if you have any other questions… We also have a stage 3 kit you can see here:


Hello hfgreg thank you for the quick reply. Sorry for the delay as I was away without wifi for weekend.

Some of the things you mention appear to be geared towards top speed, and perfromance. I am looking to maximize thrust.

I figure flashing ECU to 110HP and adding an impeller. The ones you mentioned, are they dual propellers? I heard these help with cavitation and can increase thrust.

Only other mods I can think may help would relate to the cooling system, intake and exhaust.

What would be your recommendations to maximize thrust power in the Spark 90HP?
Im not concerned with top end speed or handling.


No worries! I hope it was a pleasure trip for you.

This kit is actually focused on thrust. Hole shot and mid range power will see a huge increase.

When it comes to top end speed there really isn’t much you can do short of purchasing the VTECH Victory turbo kit.

This package will give you a much improved hole shot as well as throttle response.



You could buy the Turbo charger kit for it then your spark would scream