Mod results 2019 spark trixx

Installed some mods over the past two weeks that include: Solas 12/14 with the Solas SS wear ring, Riva top loader intake grate, ribbon delete, worx free flow exhaust, and the Riva cold air intake. Knew I would see an increase in acceleration but I also saw a 3-4 mph increase in speed. I was at 46 -47 up river and 49-50 down river now I’m hitting 50-51 up and 53-54 down. Rpms topped out at 8030-8040. Extremely pleased with the results at this point, and I haven’t even plugged my tuner in yet :slight_smile:
had to add some white accents as well cause I’m seeing too many of these skeez by me!
20190821_164240 20190820_132905 20190820_141011 20190818_105529 20190820_132950 20190818_105455 20190818_113550 15667750639138228417517888568251 15667751219438317158695394762837

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Looks great…digging that sticker on the front!