Moded 215 wake prom 2015

Hello to all and long time no writing but here i am again to bother you heheheheheh

So first a little story

This is a 2015 wake pro 215 that i had the chance to play with i got a supercharger from a 260 and installed it and also got a very nice Fizzle 1000 installed ok

So here is what worries me a little i am not sure if i should change the fuel injectors also from the 260 or not thing is i am getting a little of overheated problems and losing coolant, it goes in to the hull not the engine i have checked all coolant circuit for leaks and nothing changed coolant pump to be sure but still not good.

Can i be running too lean?? also Max RPM 7500 using the sport mode

So thanks for your advice and help

Hey man, yeah, sounds like it could be going lean. You can try RRFPR to stabilize the fuel pressure, and get an AFR monitor. Is it tuned?

sorry for my answer but have no idea what your are talking about with the letters but i do can tell you no i have not made any tunning to the ecu

Tune it and get the RRFPR (rising rate fuel pressure regulator)

Here are some links:

is there any thing i can do with the candoo pro???

The CanDooPro is great for diagnostics and making new keys but unfortunately it does not tune.