Need all opinions - motor decisions for FZR

My 2014 FZR needs a new motor at 52 hours. Yamaha wants about 9k for head, crank and short block.

SBT has reman that after shipping and one kit, which Im sure there are more, comes to about 5k

My intentions before this happened last week was to sell it and my 2014 FX HO with 52 hours as well and 2 place trailer. Then use that money on 3-4 brand new Yamahas to fix wife, 16 yr old son and have an extra for my daughter who is 23 attending medical school. I bought a 4 place,12 bunk giant Triton Elite. Took forever to get and was 10k. But what a trailer. However Im down to one running machine.

OPINIONS: 1 Spend money on OEM parts brand new (Labor still not covered under 1 year warranty)
2. Buy the reman, take my engine out first and ship it in, then 7-10 weeks I get the reman delivered to Riva (or someone cheaper as they want 1200 labor) and spend 5k plus install (No labor on 1 year warranty -Also SBT know for finding any excuse not to cover motor if something happens)
3. Stalk JP Racing or get someone on he forum who is a yamaha mechanic that may have small shop but super smart to give me options with intent to sell once running.
4. See if anyone knows a place to have something custom and blow it out with a super fast motor and make it better than the stock ski it was. Keeping it under the cost of a new one which is about 15k.

I really wanted all new skis but these dealers are charging absurd junk fees so 15k goes to 19500 very quick. Now I am considering a 1-2 year old or low hour 2014 ahaha fx svho.

This market is all for the dealer and its basically take it or move on. No breaks no concessions nothing. I missed out on a 2018 rxtx with new motor and 60 on hull, refresh program with 3 license, the green cooler for link system and absolutely immaculate on eBay. I strategically bid and was winning all day because of the off amounts I enter. I get a stupid call and next thing I know I lose it last second. over 100 dollars. One of those deals you’lllnever get again. I then said Ill pay 14k guy already paid and picked up at 7pm. My luck.

SO PLEASE ALL SEND YOUR OPINION,WHAT YOU’D DO OR REFER TO THE GUYS i MENTIONED. Joe V can you help me rally the troops or offer advise. I need to make a decision. I still love that ski but its 7 years old.

Not sure where you’re located but here on Lake Erie we’ve got maybe six or eight weeks of the season left and prices this year are ridiculous on boats and skis-i’m thinking a lot of people that have loans on toys might need to sell next year prices in the spring may be much lower-I would not buy NSVHO Yamaha older than 2016 as the 14s and 15‘s have the weak timing chain 16and up has the 4-5 Link also Ski s newer than 2015 have the RIDE system once you ride with that you will never want to go back to the lever-The 2019‘s have the newer hull however the gas filler is on the side which is a total pain in the ass if you are like me and have your ski on a jet dock all season and have to get gas floating at the gas dock-i’m not sure if you can get any value back on repairing that ski with a blown engine might want to try really hard with Yamaha if the timing chain snapped-to get some thing from them - if not maybe sell the ski it as is and look for something in the spring -would think about getting some 2018 skis with ride control many of them have five year warranty‘s which might be good for three or four more years-I bought my 2016 FXSVHOcruiser with trailer in 2017 with 10 hours on it and a trailer for 10 grand and my 2016 FXHO cruiser with trailer in 2018 with 20 hours for nine grand-you really have to try ride control it’s so much better than the lever starts in neutral and has kind of a brake-again I would try really hard with Yamaha There have been many issues with timing chains snapping on the 1812 engine-I had an 09 FX Hocruiser. Sold it at 260 hours never had an issue but I have heard other people with older skis the timing chain snapped and Yamaha help them out even though they were way out of warranty it’s worth a shot – good luck