NEED HELP and ADVICE - FZR with 52 hrs Riva says I need new motor. bring 9k at least

I have a 2013 FZR Stock with 50 hours. It stalled after running great for 2 seasons in only lake Ida in Delray and 10 hours since last july when I bought it. Ski always started and ran with not a noise, delay or any indication of a problem. Suddenly my sons waving so I tow him to shore as its cranking and does the half start and just dies. I was thinking bad gas. Bring to Riva Powersports and RC calls me a week later saying only cylinder 1 looks like it needs a could values but need auth to tear it down more to find what’s wrong. 5 days later Im told i should look for another motor because this would be 4500-5k just to fix and may not be worth it. Now in shock he says It may turn out I need a NEW one for 9k plus. So its tore down and I pick it up Monday and like second opinion and someone who can talk in terms i can understand and second provide options as ideally I want to bandaid and trade it in with my 2014 fx ho and buy all new ones to put on my new 4 place triton elite trailer I just bought for 10k. I have the guys down south miami jetski who look like they are builders and modifiers who cater to the guys wanting to go from 88 mph to 93 and will spend 10k for those few mph faster but only ones who also selll motors but their remanufactured for my fzr with supercharger is 4500 with core exchange alone. But they also look like they know what they are doing and may be able to bandaid. So all you yamaha experts, looking for 2nd opinion or have a engine from a wreck to bandit it and trade it in quick.How can a new motor be 9k. Car motors are cheaper. or WHY can I watch youtube videos of JPRacing or some other guys tear a motor down in 2-3 hours and send it out and buy all new parts and have it back in within 2 days. So7-8 hours total labor and top end kit or complete end kit with new pistons, cylenders machined, rods,valves crank cleaned painted with some cool extras like a stage one kit done in 45 minutes yet Riva wants me to put a new motor and I can buy a 2021 GP1800 SVHO FOR 14k? Is there any value to it as it sits? H E L P

I have to say that nine grand don’t sound correct buying a $14,000 GP 1800 sounds better JP racing definitely knows what they doing try giving them a call. I’ve been wanting to take my JetSki to them have not got in contact with them yet but if you give it a try hopefully they can help you. If you live not to far from them.
I definitely would not spent $9000 On an engine when I can get a new one for a couple more thousand or good used one. Just my thoughts. Hope you get it fixed.

I know 9 Grand doesn’t sound right. Entire thing sounds incorrect. I’m looking for those mad scientist that can be 100 with me. What could that ski be worth. I mean Riva just took 3 of them in overnight - selling for 13500 but they all had double or triple the milage. Surpriseddidnt get any hits from this site. Gotta find where the young guns are who can tear down and rebuild minus machine work if needed (remember Im trying to bandaid) in like 5 hours.Peiple like that are out there. Hit me up for real. Time is running out before 2021 hit mass used inventory will be out and I’ll be sitting on that. I don’t want to miss the 2021. Going for 2 FX SVHO and 2 GP1800R SVO to throw on my new Triton Elite qw bunk galvanized trailer with LED. JP KLK? i need west cost love on the east coast. But not sure you got time which sucks. Growth is a MF. Any special talent out there that might be on this forum hmmmmm Hit me up.

Ive not seen it here. But came up on search so joined but no replys come on peeps/


I’m sorry–you got F@@@ked—count your loses and by new—find out what your kid did to it. And use it as a winter project…thats why I never let anyone ride my machine…

He did nothing to it. Ill wait for you to send me 18k to buy a new one and im not a mechanic to put a new engine in. And is mt kid and welcome to anything I own… I have 4 others and will but 9k into a brand new engine and then my fzr with stage 1 kit will smoke most of the skis on the lake.