New gti 90 tune


Hi all, I just recently got a gti 90 with 4 hours on it for a ridiculous price because the previous owner was disappointed in the performance. He had read a review somewhere about getting close to 49 mph but was not even close to that. I will be using it for a cruiser more than anything but have not been able to find any info on what results to expect with the spark 110 tune and a solas impeller to improve top speed. I had also read that the spark ecu unlocks itself somewhat at 5 hours and with the gti having the same engine I was wondering if this is in fact the case. Thank you for any help/ insight you might have as the info on performance upgrades for this model is scarce.


Welcome to the forum! Sorry for the late reply on your email but I will paste it here too:
Your biggest gains would be on the low end. Your hole shot would be greatly increased. You top speed will also come up a couple MPH but not to 49mph.

Here is the prop for your set up:

Here is the tuning bundle:


Thank you for the insight. I think those mods will serve me well with this ski, especially what I got it for.