New to supercharger world and need help!


I’m looking at a 2012 gtr 215 with 67hours from private party 2nd owner, he’s not sure if supercharger has been rebuilt. What can I look for to know the condition of the supercharger? I am mechanical and not afraid to ask to take something apart to look.


So there are two parts to this.

Secondary thing is the slip. You’ll need to remove the supercharger and isolate the gear and test to see how much torque takes it to spin. Needs to be over 10.5nm.

More importantly, how much have the bearing cages hardened? Unfortunately you cant test for this…so there is an industry wide standard of a rebuild every 100 hour or two years. Yes, you can find different intervals, but the experts and unanimous in agreeing on 2yr/100hr.

2012, 100% I’d say rebuild it. You’re mechanically inclined so removal will be easy, and I’m sure you’ve seen our rebuild service.

What are your plans past getting it up to date with maintenance? Any planned mods?


No planned mods… I’m just looking for a good seadoo for a good price and it being a gtr 215 vs finding a 130 or 155 is a fun bonus. They are asking 6800 for the seadoo with the seadoo move trailer which I think is a decent deal and it’s in great shape


Sounds like it is a solid deal, and they are really fun machines. Since you haven’t purchased yet, I would use a rebuild quote from a local dealer as a negotiating chip unless they can provide proof of the maintenance being done (then you can also save some cash sending it in). Let us know how else we can help.