No compression in any cylinder


My supercharged Sea-Doo has no compression in any cylinder. No previous supercharger failures.


No matter what it is, you’re going to be pulling the heads off. Could be valves, could be pistons, could be gasket. Likely isn’t supercharger related


My RXT smokes, burns oil. I thought it was the supercharger, had it rebuilt but that didn’t resolve the problem. I checked the strainer in the PTO and it was spotless. This ski only has about 130 hours on it. Compression in all the cylinders is 150lbs. I noticed that after running it for a few minutes the oil level drops significantly, let it sit for a while and the oil level comes back up. This may be normal for a dry sump? Is it possibly a bad EGR valve or equivalent? Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


It’ll drop when you run it as all the oil is in the lubrication system. Was your oil filled to the top dipstick mark or inbetween them?