No oil pressure after Supercharger rebuild


I recently had my supercharger rebuilt by PWC. I installed it this week, changed the oil and plugs and ran it on the hose. All seemed well. Yesterday I took it for a test spin. The engine makes a low pitched whine that is quite loud once it was put in the water. As soon as i try to accelerate, the machine immediately goes into limp mode, the oil light comes on, the LCD screen displays “oil” and then a Pxxx number. I can never seem to see the number before it clears.

This machine always ran great with the exception of using a little bit of oil. (1/2 quart every 3 or 4 tanks). I checked that i didn’t inadvertently remove or break any electrical connections when i did the supercharger. I haven’t checked the oil pressure yet but could this be something that wasn’t done properly on the supercharger rebuild? Maybe i missed something on the reinstall?

Any help is appreciated.


I’m about to replace my supercharger, did you figure it out?


Didn’t see the initial post until now. Almost certainly not the supercharger as there isn’t anything that could cause this from it.

Make sure you didn’t over fill the oil…needs to be in the middle of the marks, not to the top one.