Only getting 6000 rpm after stone got stuck in impeller RXT

Replaced impeller and wear ring after this but still having the same performance. Could addtional small stones get stuck somewhere else cause the problem?? RXT 2007

Replaced only the wear ring or impeller as well?

Hi Joe!
I replaced both

What pitch on the impeller?

The one that broke was the oem one and it got replaced with 14/17 together with the Riva Stage 1 kit. + metal wear ring

The impeller is too tall, youll need to repitch it. @3ftDeep has a great video of their YouTube channel for it

I will take a look, the ski had a litle better performance after the replacment but still wouldn’t go past 6000rpm. I’m going to get the X charger , 42lb, F1000 and 14/19 hopefully that will fix it. Are there any other places rocks and sand can get stuck?

Not really…you’d see them. That combo will definitely help get you where you need to be.

Found out today that the supercharger had blown, so next a $4000 rebuild :frowning:

And it was still reaching 6,000 RPM? Sorry to hear man, that’s rough

Yeah still did 6600rpm, hope that mean’s that the internals are not damaged beyond repair, the more that have survived the lower are cost. My guy said 10-14 days to have it up an running.
6600 RPMs and 44 Mph.

Got it back from rebuild today, works nice

Great to hear!