Races for Jet Skis in the United States


I would like to know if there are such things as race competitions for jet skis? I live in Florida where there is an abundance of water, fresh, brackish and salty, a good place to have them. If there are such races, where are they and when?


sure are


There are a bunch of different series, most of which are winding down now but for instance:



Surf and Turf put on a good race in Tavares back when PWC Muscle was there and interviewed Dustin Farthing. Not a ton of people but it was very well organized and everyone was really cool.


P1 has put on some good races this year. Its been an interesting year. Francis in Europe. Eric Lagopoulos switching to Yamaha mid season, the action is really good there.

There is another good race series, the Sea-Doo/Hidden Trails Pro Watercross. Thats some action!


Its hard not to love the standup action on this tour.