RIDE PLATES What do you think?

I’ve been shopping this one… http://www.pwcmuscle.com/farthing-racing-ultra-300x-ride-plate.html

What do ya’ll think? Is there a difference with it? Does it really give that extra 1-3MPH I read in other places?

I went with the R&D myself and you can feel it subtly, picked up 1mph too on my 260 seadoo

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I have a 260 too made a pinch of different speed wise but the handling can be felt it rocks much better.

The 300 and 310s benefit a lot from a ride plate. Get that, intake grate and just repitch the stock impeller. Not much more needed (or can be done) to those. Get a tune and pulley and you’re maxed unless you have a big budget for custom parts. That is why we play with Yamaha (and some Sea-Doo) up here.