RIVA Sea-Doo 215 XX-Charger vs Sea Doo OEM X Model 255/260

Wondering whats the better option to upgrade. It seems the Riva SeaDoo 215 XX has 12.5 psi boost while the OEM X model only has 10 psi but can be upgraded latter to 15psi. Upgrading the 215 is cheaper. Not sure about my specs which is why I am requesting opinions. I had an x charger but its shot and non repairable bus still have old 215 stock supercharger. Don’t see myself ever upgrading to 15psi of boost as its an older ski and want to keep reliability.

Ski in question is 2006 RXT 215 with:

aftermarket Riva intercooler
Open Loop cooling
42# injectors
Rising rate fuel pressure regulator kit
after market solas impeller

going to add pump shim
4" air intake
catch can


You’ll want to rebuild your 215 at the same time, which increases the cost.
We usually recommend going with the X Charger and 42s, and upgrading from there after you’ve installed everything else like tune and retainers.