RIVA Yamaha GP1800 Stage 1+ Kit (RY-RPM-GP18-1.5)

Riva have finally officially released their stage kits for the Yamaha GP1800. Right now we are in the process of testing many of these parts, and the results are simply amazing. Take your brand new GP1800 and get over 80mph out of it with just this one kit. Definitely the best value for the money.

Riva claims 82mph on a 1/3rd tank of gas; our results in the Yamaha GP1800 Build Series fully support this claim.

The kit includes:

  1. Maptuner X
  2. Power Filter Kit
  3. Manifold Upgrade Kit
  4. Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit
  5. Solas Impeller
  6. Performance Ride Plate

To purchase: RIVA Yamaha GP1800 Stage 1+ Kit RY-RPM-GP18-1.5 - $1,888.00