RIVA Yamaha GP1800 Stage 2 Kit (RY-RPM-GP18-2)


Riva has now released a stage 2 kit for the Yamaha GP1800. This kit promises 86mph at 8600 RPMs. It essentially adds a top-loader intake grate, pump seal kit, exhaust, power cooler and retainer upgrades to the Stage 1+ kit.

The kit includes:

  1. Maptuner X
  2. Power Filter Kit
  3. Manifold Upgrade Kit
  4. Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit
  5. Solas Impeller
  6. Performance Ride Plate
  7. Power Cooler Kit
  8. Blowoff Valve
  9. Retainer Upgrade Kit
  10. Free Flow Exhaust
  11. Pump Seal Kit
  12. Intake Grate

To Purchase: RIVA Yamaha GP1800 Stage 2 Kit RY-RPM-GP18-2 - $4,280.00