Rrfpr lean on bottom, rich on top

Put a RRFPR, along with ET137 SC, the Bosch 50 injectors, Fizzle 1000 IC, Solas 14/19, Intake grate. Fuel pressure at idle (1700 rpm) is 42-44 psi. AFR showing lean (20:1) on bottom end up until about 5,000 rpms, then AFR is rich (10-11:1) all the way up to 8000+. I can’t adjust the RRFPR at idle up any more without making it even more rich on top end. What’s next to look at?

Raise it and disconnect the rising rate portion. Also, sounds like a tune is really the way to go here…that’s dangerous AFRs

Thanks, but that’s WITH a tune.

I’m also getting RPM fade. WOT spins up to 8500, but holding the throttle wide open RPMs start to drift down as low as 7200. I let off the throttle, punch it again and it’ll spin back up to 8500 or so, but then drifts back down again. The ski had better take off and top end in the stock set up before I made any changes. :frowning:

Who tuned it? They tuned it for use with 50lb injectors?

Riva tune. started with a 260 stage 2 8500 that came with the kit (a purchased the kit from you guys). I sent them a log of a couple of test runs, they sent me a different tune, but didn’t seem to change anything. I raised the fuel pressure at idle to 58-60 and clamped the RR tube. Did seem to run better - 8400 rpms that held longer and drifted down only to 7900 rpms. Still only getting 67 mph (did this stock) then fades to 63-65. I will hook up the AFR sensor and log some more runs. I will check SC slip when I do this, but could it be valve float??? Also, machine seems doggy on the holeshot - seems like its missing or something - can hear the intake sound likes its “gulping” while taking off, then smooths out.