Sea-Doo 2005 RXT water in oil


I have a RXT with water in oil. i have replaced the oil cooler and i am putting a new head gasket on. When i started the motor there was a a lot of white smoke. Other than a cracked block which i do not foresee. Is there any place else that water may get into the oil. I assumed by the white smoke it was mostly likely the head gasket.
My guess is the old oil cooler leaking water into the oil helped blow the head gasket. Has anyone had experience of water coming in to the motor from somewhere else?


Outside chance that also the intercooler can be leaking water.


I 2nd that one it’s probably intercooler if its water in oil if it was coolant in oil it would of been oil cooler. So actually there’s a good chance your old oil cooler is good . I have a stock intercooler for your ski in good shape I can sell it to you for 20 bucks . But you have to pay for shipping .


Thank you ryffish.
I bench tested the intercooler with water under pressure and no leaks, So oil cooler no leaks as well so all indications are the head gasket


Did the head gasket 4 oil changes then put it in the water. Ran great for 20 mins then dropped over 1 1/2 quarts of oil.
Overheating light came on when the engine sounded low seriously low on oil.
I started taking the engine out my guess is a cracked block and i will need to buy rebuilt engine.