Sea-Doo RXP 260 2013 - Surging at high RPM


My 2013 RXP 260 Sea Doo. Last year and again this year it is surging. I have tried replacing MAP, CPS, the fuel pump, bypassed the air intake silencer. When the engine is surging it can jump between 4 and 8 thousand RPMs in less than a second. I have run a codes check using CANDOO system and nothing shows up. The oil level and it is good, new plugs, and new oil and filter. I cannot reproduce this on dry land, only while on the water. The low end power is from what I can tell normal. If I leave the throttle full blast the surging will sometimes 50/50 stop, however it will not go past 6200-6300 RPM’s, unless it surges up to 8000 rpms. Then it will settle back down to 6200-6300 RPMS.

This link shows a video of the tach while surging.

Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated.


I figured out the problem intercooler is leaking. Dumping water into the intake of the engine, minor enough that the engine was not getting flooded but engines don’t like water. :smile:. I connected a water hose to the flushing connection and removed the inlet hose to the intake and bingo, start the engine and water comes out of the engine intake hose.