Sea Doo speedster 150 supercharger install after rebuild


Hey guys, I just received my supercharger back from PWC muscle looking for info on reinstalling . I was looking to see if anyone recommends loctite on the three bolts when bolting the supercharger back to the motor , also wondering what kind of grease to grease the shaft with the two o-rings before sliding the supercharger back in position ? Thanks for any info !


Installation is just opposite of removal. Use blue loctite on the supercharge bolts and torque to 9nm…which is about wrist strength using zero leverage. They don’t have to be over torqued since they are not load bearing, but just prevent rotation and backing out of the supercharger.

Any marine grease is perfect. It’s to stop any oil from leaking past and not specifically to lubricate.


Thanks joe ! Greatly appreciate the info !


Hey joe , I got it all installed when I was sliding it in it stopped partially in and I rotated it back and forth to help slide it in doing so it popped free and slid in pretty quick bottoming out the gears against each other . I slid it back and lined the gears up and pushed back in , now I’m wondering if that impact could’ve caused any harm to the bearings or the balance? I did start it up everything sounded good . Thanks for any help !


Nope, the bottoming out should have just been the back side of the supercharge housing hitting the block, so you’re all good. The impeller is balanced without the shaft installed, so you wouldn’t be affecting the balance at all. Sounds like you’re good to go.


Hey joe , the first time sliding them together it hit the gears together was my concern just wondering if that may cause a bearing issue ? Thank you


Unless you used an extreme amount of force and really slammed them hard, it shouldn’t.


Nope just a break loose and slide in so nothing to hard , thanks a lot for the info joe I feel better now lol