Sea-Doo Supercharger Rebuild Service - by PWCMuscle


I have a 2006 Sea-Doo RXT and I am removing the supercharger to send in for rebuild. I have everything out except the top bolt of the 3 that hold the supercharger in place. The other 2 came out using a T27 (an 8mm socket wound have worked also), but the top one is different. It is not an E6, E8 or E10 as I have read. The outside of the bolt is bigger than 1/4 and smaller than 9/32 (also bigger than a 7mm and smaller than an 8mm). I’m at a loss on how to remove this last bolt.


It should have been the same bolt as the others, unless a shop did something there. We do sell a removal tool, which is only for the OEM bolt. Other option is to always cut it and we can provide a new mounting bolt.


I’ve owned it since new and the SC has never been removed. I thought about cutting it off, but wanted to ask first. Would you use a dremel with a cutting wheel?


Yes, that’ll work. Just try not to mangle up the block…you just have to remove the head on that bolt and it’ll slide free. We can remove the remainder of the bolt if you are unable.


What would be your price if I send you both of my 2006 RXT Superchargers for rebuild at the same time?


It’s currently $435 for each.


I got both of my Superchargers out of my 2006 RXT’s. I did have to cut/grind off the one bolt as you suggested. I think it was just corroded and not much left of the head. I was able to avoid damage to the block. The other 5 bolts were 8mm/27t torx head. I will get them shipped to you tomorrow.
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Sounds good. Put a note to include a bolt and we’ll get it turned around quickly.


Wanted to put in a plug for PWCMUSCLE, they rebuilt my super charger which blew a bearing. Service was quick and very good. I ended up having buy a new wheel, mine was slightly damaged.


Just go to our website select our supercharger rebuild service and pay for the service we will then provide you with our shipping address. Please be sure to include a copy of your receipt with your supercharger when you send it in. If you order the expedite service we ask that you write (EXP) on the box near the shipping label to insure your supercharger goes to the front of the line. We normally ship your supercharger back the same day we receive them but from time to time we get inundated with alot of superchargers so that may extend the time out to as much as 72 hour turn around time. If you choose to have our powder coat service it will take 3 days to a week for powder coat and rebuild. I hope this helps.


I have a twin engine sea doo boat and just got my two superchargers back and i cant wait to get them on and run it! Im curious what you use to grease them up when you slide them back in…? Thanks PWCmuscle they look immaculate.


Happy to be of service :+1: Just a little marine grease. It’s only to help the o rings keep the oil back.


I’m trying to remove the supercharger from my 2007 RXP 215 to send in for your rebuild service. I’ve done everything in your video exactly but still can’t get the waterbed and exhaust to slide back to get the clearance to remove it. Do you have any advice? It seems pretty stuck on there and me trying to move it makes the entire hull move. It won’t budge!


You’ll want to use a mallet or heat to break the bond between exhaust manifold and j pipe


I sent a supercharger for a rebuild and used FedEx, however it looks like the address may be a P.O. Box, will this get returned? Thanks


All good. We use a PO box so all packages are automatically signed for and held securely. We get UPS and FedEx shipments there all the time :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks! was a little worried for a second!


Hey Joe,

Wanted to check on the rebuild and make sure it was received and all is well? I was hoping to get back before this weekend for Memorial Day:)


Should be there by Wednesday/Thursday