Sea-Doo Supercharger Rebuild Service - by PWCMuscle


We do not send back slip test data. If there was a failure, we will let you know. Your RPMs and speed seem like a slipping clutch though.

The replacement clamps are stainless T-Clamps, for the supercharger outlet, worm for the air inlet. These are exactly for the reason stated…the stock hose clamps are horrible to remove and replace.



I have a 2012 Sea Doo Challenger 230 that I purchased a year ago. The boat only has about 32 hours on it. Is the SC rebuild necessary yet due to low hours?

Thanks in advance.


I am trying to take the supercharger out of my 2010 GTX 215 IS. It seems quite different than your video. Do I have to take the IS suspension off to reach the supercharger. Thanks


So the industry standard is max 2 years regardless of hours, due to the plastic cages in the bearings breaking down and the spring washers giving up strength.


Hi Cocamo,
yes the procedure is very different in order to get to the supercharger if you have the suspension. Check Youtube, there are a few videos on how to do it, or use a shop manual.


Hey JoeZ,

Started to disassemble both superchargers today. Looks like there is that one stubborn bolt on top that is a pain to get to. I only had a 1/4 in.wrench that would fit down there but couldn’t get a good bite on it. It looks like you guys have that special tool needed to get down there. Is that standard for all model years. Again mine is a 2012 Challenger 230. It also looks like the head was starting to strip a little on it. Could be challenging even with the tool.

Thanks, Mike


So we do sell it, but I really hate to. It’s really overpriced for cheap metal, and you have to pay shipping, so it’s not a good deal.

Instead, I suggest getting a set of ratcheting wrenches, and grind down the top of the one that is the proper size so it’ll fit in the spot. You’ll get the clearance you need, but also it’ll be significantly faster with the ratcheting wrenches since you can usually only get a quarter turn at a time.

If you decide you still want the tool, here’s the link:


Thanks for that info. I have read about that before and thought about going that route. It seems like the 1/4 in. wrench fits the best but isn’t that a metric bolt? I did purchase a box type wrench that had the curve to it to help get in there but it still felt like it was catching on something. It was a very thin wrench on the bottom side so I thought that was going to be the one to do the trick. Just really need to confirm the correct (or best) size to use and I will try and grind it down to nearly nothing.


So the bolt is either 8mm, or in your case 6mm. 1/4" is something like 6.3mm, so it’ll be a little large for it. A metric set this time around is what I’d recommend.


Thanks for that info Joe. So the 6mm is too small and 7 mm is too big. The 1/4 in was the best fit. I was able to grind down the wrench and get it in the one I had not worked on yet. So I went over to the one that I originally started on the other day but it would not bite because of it being stripped. I have read before that others have cut off the head of the bolt with a Dremel. I would assume that’s my only choice at this point? If so…I would also assume that the bolt only threads into the SC and is not threaded into the engine housing the bt goes through?


The bolt screws into the engine block. With the supercharger out, it shouldn’t be too difficult to grip it and thread it out. Cutting the heads off might be the only way

Here is a replacement set:


Joe…this is the top bolt. I got the bottom back 2 out with no problems. It looks like the bolt goes through the engine block first and then into the supercharger. So if I cut the head off and pull the supercharger off the bolt should be still attached into the SC from which I can take it off from there. Guess I will try this route. As soon as I get them off they will be heading your way for a rebuild. Thanks for the help.


Ah yes, top bolt goes into housing. If you cant get it out, leave us as much as possible so we can extract.


Joe, Got everything off yesterday and shipped out both of them to you today. Should have them on Wednesday. Thanks for the assistance.


My pleasure. You’ll get an email with tracking number when they are on the way back


I recently had my supercharger rebuilt and was impressed by how quick and how good of a job you guys did, I would definitely recommend your service. Thanks George.


I know it’s a busy time of year. I was wondering what the current turnaround time is on a supercharger rebuild? If I ship the supercharger from CA this week when could I expect it back? Figured I would check first as this tends to be a crazy time of year for preventive maintenance.


@Ramcda We are running about 48 hour turnaround right now. Busy time of the year, like you said, but getting them cranked out! Usually 2-3 day shipping anywhere in CA. So ~5 business days from when we recieve it you should be getting it back.

You can always option to expedite your order for faster turnaround.


Thanks George, its our pleasure!


That is very reasonable. Will ship it out Friday. Thanks!