Seadoo 2004 rxp won't rev over 7000rpms

My 2004 Seadoo RXP won’t rev past 7000. It pulls hard up to 7000 then stops. So far I have checked fuel flow from the pump, cleaned the injectors, changed spark plugs, changed oil, had the supercharger rebuilt BY pwc muscle, checked the wear ring. Yet still my 04 GTX out runs it on top end. Both the GTX and RXP have less than 30 hours on them. Do y’all have any idea what I should try next?

check IC for leaks? or boost leak some place?

I don’t hear any. Is there a good way to check?

Soapy water on the hoses.

Is oil level between the dipstick marks? Overfilling will lose you RPMs. Try swapping coil packs between skis and see if the problem chases the packs.

Thanks Joe!