Seadoo challenger supercharger

Looking for supercharger advise on 2008 seadoo challenger 180 se 255. I am at 105hrs and have heard lots about supercharger maintenance. One dealer told me 100hrs and another told me 200? Wht is your recomendation. Also is swapping the complete assy out a better option as im very capable of removing it? Just looking for sound advice on this. Thanks in advance

Hey there…welcome to the boards. Rebuilding is definitely the best option as it’ll save you a lot of money. It is a little confusing as to 100 hours and 200 hours…the reality is it is 100 hours. SeaDoo responded to a negative ad campaign by Yamaha which criticized the supercharger maintenance and then magically SeaDoo said it is now 200 hours. You’ll find the industry standard is 100 hours.

Our rebuild service is $435 right now and includes return shipping…you just have to remove the supercharger and send it to us.

Here is a link to our rebuild service:

This removal video is for an older RXP, but the process is about the same for getting the supercharger out of your boat.

Let us know if you have any questions

Gotcha. This charger appears to have been split before as the gasket is unpainted between the housings. When you guys rebuid it will you be able to tell if service has already been done on this one? I havent owned the boat tht long and cannot get good history but would rather be safe on this.

We can usually tell if they were rebuilt. Might be able to through pics as well. What you are doing is always a great idea on a used purchase. I’d recommend looking at the wear ring/impeller as well as the grease for the jet pump. And of course, change the oil as well.

Wht pics could i get tht would help tontell if its been rebuilt? Thanks for the additional info.

The rear with the gear. If it was done with aftermarket parts we could see the difference.

Thanks for the info! Ill plan to pull it off and send in.

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Sounds good :+1:

I have a nearly new X Charger for sale. It only has 9 hours on it. I had it on my RXT but decided to buy a new 18 RXT this year.

I know this is very out of date, but just purchased a used 2008 challenger 180 and I would like some additional guidance on the wear ring/impeller/grease that you mentioned… i.e. where and what to look for :slight_smile: Thank you