Seadoo gtr-x230. No gains from et 137 wheel

Anybody have any idea why after adding a et 137 wheel. No gains, mph or acceleration. Full stage 1. With 8500 tune supercooler and wheel. No afr readings. But plugs looked fine after runs. Cannot outrun a 2013 fzs sho with just a tune and impeller

Do you have GPS data? What top speed are you seeing? Also, who’s tune?

I think your main problem is that you have a SeaDoo and you tried to beat a Yamaha :slight_smile: your tiny Engine can’t compete against an 1800CC one.
You also need to look at power to weight ratio as you can’t bypass that no matter what you do.
Also how do you know it’s was just a tune ?
Did your tune get done for performance or reliability or Fuel economy ?
A tune doesn’t automatically make your Ski faster if it’s the wrong tune :slight_smile:
An Impeller is like changing the Gearbox on a Car, it can increase Hole shot and top sped or just increased top speed, depending what impeller you buy and what you wanted it to do.
Your Impeller may be worn or the wrong one for your build.
Are you getting more revs ? if yours still revs the same as before the upgrade why would it go faster top speed ?
It should get to your top speed faster as long as you aren’t cavitating ?
My 2008 FX-SHO leaves any Seadoo for dead even the newest ones and I didn’t even spend a quarter the cost of a new SKI as I bought a good low hours second hand so I could spend a little on Mods that I wanted.
Impeller/Pump/Revs will tell you what your top speed will be and if none of those three is changed top speed will not change :).
A Seadoo normally only has a little 1500CC three Cylinder Four Stroke, 300CC and minus one cylinder which means it needs to work a lot more to get the same power, the amount of boost required is also far more and it’s spread over three cylinders rather than four.
It’s why they made V8s back in the day for more HP’, these days Turbocharging and Supercharging has taken the place of pure cubic capacity.
Engine size will still give advantage if both are Supercharged.
Get a tune that increases your revs by 500 to 1000 and you will notice a big difference in top speed and top end power as your supercharger will also output more Boost at the extra 500 to 1000 rpm, as long as your Impeller is good,