SeaDoo RPM issue


So on my seadoo right when I first take it out at wot I can get to about 8100 rpm. As soon as I let off. I can only get it up too about 7100. After I let sit for a little then i can get it to 8100 again but after that goes back to 7100. So it’s weird cuz I can only get high rpm after initial take off


How old is fuel? How old are plugs? Which model/year do you have? Have you checked the speed difference (via gps) between your 7100 and 8100 rpm runs?


Fuel is brand new, spark plugs are brand new. It’s an 06 rxp 215 fully mod with x charger and et137 wheel. Fizzle intercooler. 50lb injectors, power filter, 2 degree wedge, 15/21 solas impeller, map tunner, titanium valve springs and retainers, riva racing fuel pressure regulator, afr sensor. Only problem I see right now is that I do have an exhaust leak due to from me making a custom pipe for the thru hull exhaust since the riva ones are on back order. Not sure if that’s the cause of my rpm acting like that.


Ok thanks, makes a big difference knowing those details. How many hours running the ET137 wheel?


Maybe like 10-15 hours top


Might want to check slip on the supercharger. The ET137 needs to be checked often to ensure the spring washers are still tight enough.


I tried to spin it by hand and it was still tight I couldnt spin it


Use a torque wrench and measure slip. You may have to wedge the impeller in the jet pump. It is likely not going to turn by hand as it is building boost, but still might be slipping enough at higher pressure levels to drop you a bit


Ok will do thank very much for your inputs! Much appreciated because it’s very frustrating putting all this money into it and not running how it should.


How do I measure the slip. Like how many lb/in should it start turning


16 ft lbs is where it should be set to. Here is the tool


Do I turn it clock wise or counter clock?


So I did the test and its slipping at about 11.5 ft lb.


It is slipping and needs to be shimmed!


I had forgot to tighten a clamp on the exhaust and had a leak it caused rpm issues