Seadoo rxt-x 260 supercharger help

Ok so I am looking to buy this 2015 seadoo rxt-x 260AS with 120 hours for $6000. only problem is he says it needs a supercharger rebuild. His only symptom he gave was that it will not go over 30 mph. I know this doesn’t say a lot, but Im trying to figure out if this is a safe buy, because I have heard the bearings from the supercharger can make their way into the engine???

So, in my head, if all I have to do is remove the Supercharger, have it rebuilt and reinstall it, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if what I may have read is true about possible engine failure, then maybe not.

Thank you,

Hey Jonathan,
It’s a much larger undertaking to get to the supercharger on the suspension skis. I wouldn’t purchase without having inspected the supercharger to make sure the engine isn’t trashed. Look on youtube for some videos on how to remove the suspension to get to the engine; see if it is something you’re willing to do.

Of course we rebuild them for the best price on PWCMuscle, NBD like you said, but again the main worry is what type of failure. If you can take pictures of the back of the supercharger where the gear is, we can let you know what we see. Again, issue is getting it out. I think you’ll want to work up a contract of some sort that states you can back out of the deal if the supercharger is damaged in any way beyond just a slipping clutch.

I’d be willing to be the arbiter of that if you want to include it in the contract. Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for your response. he lives 2 hours away so I am thinking this is not worth the effort especially with the suspension being in the way. I will still consider the advise and possibly do that, but again im just not sure its worth the effort. I know people arent kidding when they say the suspension is a real PITA

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