Seadoo spark tune with free flow


Hey guys just a quick question if I was to get the free flow exhaust and the map tune, will that mess up the tune? I’m not to educated on engines so just curious. Thanks


It would be fine. The exhaust systems really are more for sound than relieving any back pressure, so it wouldn’t affect it much


Awesome wat if I added the intake as well?


They make tunes with “stages” you can use…so a stock one will assume stock ski. I think stage 1 is exhaust and intake…they have it listed in the description. Makes it handy since you can just update the tune according to what you have.


That’s what I hoped! Thanks! Also is there a noticible difference in quality and performance between the R&D intake and exhaust and the Riva?


They are pretty much the same. R&D is out of business now. Worx make a good product as well, and is a great company. You won’t go wrong either way.


Sweet thanks for the info and I love the spark series on YouTube! Very helpful!


Definitely appreciate it!


Sorry for so many questions, but ever worked with the worx ecu upgrade? It’s a lot cheaper then the map tuner, just wondering why. I know u send in ur ecu and they send u a new one or somthing like that, but is that it?


The main downside to any tune where you send in your Ecu is the fact that it is one-and-done, where with the maptuner system you can retune as you continue to upgrade. I haven’t ridden on the Worx tune, but have no reason to think it’d be anything other than solid performance.


Just put on the 12/17 I. Peller, manifold delete, and free flow Riva exhaust! Tourqe out of the whole is insane, also the ski sound so mean now! Was expecting to a see a mph or 2 gain in top end speed but didn’t, any idea why? Also I just filled the ski with 92 octane gas, so maybe the next time I go out that will give it the extra kick it needs? What’s ur thoughts?


The 12/17 is a bit tall. Remove the impeller and take a couple of MM off. Think of it as a spring and you want to compress it a bit. Here is a good video of the process:


Gotcha, was thinking of send it to impros I believe is who they are after I get my race labs tune