Seadoo Spark Turbo Buildup


Fresh Ace 900cc with Forged rods, Cp 9:5:1 pistons, arp studs, Interal upgrades are definitely nessessary for high boost applications over 10psi up to 19psi


Basically this is the betatest kit , there will be a few small changes once testing is complete itll be branded as the Vtechtuned victory turbo kit shipping soon!


exhaust manifold prep


weld the 4 small holes up in the end of manifold


Carefully grid down flat


Ready to fit turbo flange


Rtv sealant


Turbo Flange Fitted


Trim foam to fit intercooler


mount rectifier on intercooler


mount exhaust/turbo support bracket


coolant bottle mount


! received_2057004007846397|375x500 water line routing


Looks sick as hell. Can you email me the cost for this?


$4225 for the kit.

Killer post, Greg. Have much time on the water yet?


That’s wicked!!! :drooling_face::drooling_face:


Ski is running Strong on 15psi boost, tune feels good, next step is raising fuel pressure to 67psi to gain a little room on the maverick x3 injectors


Awesome man, glad t ohear its still running strong!


How is the ski holding up? Been a bit over a year now!


Where did you get the ARP studs from, I am having a Hell of a time finding them.

I finally got my Victory Turbo kit installed, running on E85, but have not had a chance to upgrade to forged internals yet.

I do not race mine, but I am interested on what all you have been able to squeeze out of yours and what parts you are currently running.