SeaDoo Supercharger with ET137 Not getting boost


How do you get these caps to seal up. I have two different ones and the both are terrible


Use some sealant. We use this stuff for damn near everything:


what kinda space is ok for the wear ring. and Should i use a plastic or metal wear ring


At this point I’d say go metal as you are making enough power to blast the plastic wear ring pretty quickly.

Wear ring clearance max is 0.035, which is less than a dime


Yeah when I had the pump off it looked really wore. And it’s starting to not be good out of the hole. Please set me up with one.


So I fixed the intercooler block off and the intake system is holding 18.5 psi. And maxed the gauge out at 22.4


Awesome! I know greg called about the wear ring. Excited to see how you like it once you arent cavitating.


So a little water testing yesterday until the tuner locked its self once again. This riva tuner is so annoying 2-3 tunes then it locks up. Its not very easy to go find internet and wait for them to reset it. unfortinatly i am 30 min away from the water.

Any way
i had a tune in the that produced 13.2 pounds of boost, Rpm was at 8500 the AFR was 13.2 at idle and 10 or lower at wot. It would go right to 7700 and then would stop then it would accelerate to 8500. After about 4-5 runs it would not go over 7800 rpm. i checked and no boost leaks. I switched tunes and the next on only pruduced 8150 rpm idle was 13-14 afr and wot was 8-10 afr.
the 8500 only produced 70.7 mph on my phones gps. this seems extremely slow for 8500. and 8150 is only 68.7 mph. i tried to load another tune and the tuner locked up. so that was the end of the day.


Hello any ideas


Sorry man, mondays are killer right now.

Seems like you were running real rich up top. You should be near 12. 8-10 and you can practically smell the unburnt fuel. I’d go back to that second tune and optimize with the rrfp. You’ll want less pressure up top. Just measure AFR and dial in accordingly.

We can worry about speed once you have stability in your tune.

I haven’t had a tuner lock up before…did Riva have anything to say about that?


so lower the pressure to lower the afr.
the tuner has always locked up constantly its really annoying


also why would it run good for 10 min then it would loss almost 1000 rpms


Yes, lower the pressure to the RRFPR (I think that is what you meant in the previous post), which should raise the AFR.

Less fuel = higher AFR (air to fuel ratio).

So lower the RRFPR, take an AFR reading, rinse and repeat to get the right AFR at WOT. Ideal is often debated, but I recommend 11.8-12.2 as the target.

That just sucks. Support for this goes deeper than what I can provide since I can’t read the logs on your tuner. You will need to discuss this with Riva directly.

Lets get the AFRs right and see what happens from there.


ok thanks Should i go to the tune that produced the 8500 rpms


I think the second sounds more stable. The max RPMs are lower, but likely due to how rich it was.


so the one that is in it currently


Correct :+1:


Maybe because I have the larger fuel pump that is throwing the pressure off some how


So we used the stable tune.
I adjusted the regulator. Down and got 14.2-14.5 at idle
I do need to bump up the midrange. It was 14.7-15 at 6000 rpm. I’d rather have it wetter to keep everything cool. Wot was ok at 7500-8000 it was 11.2
And 8000-8300 was 10’s. Boost is between 11 and 12 on the boost gauge. The Speedo was broke and my phone is terrible at gps. I had a stage 2 300 next to me and he said I’m at 76 mph.


Ok, so I wouldn’t advise going over 13.5 at idle. The extra fuel will help keep it cooler. 14.2 is perfect ratio, which means it’ll be hot. Extra fuel will keep it cooler.

You’re doing well dialing it in though!