SeaDoo Supercharger with ET137 Not getting boost


Some reason just before going to bed it popped in my mind that I put the wrong value…it’s 14.7 for stoichiometric mixture.


i hopefully will be out this week
Im going to shot for slightly richer mixture so that i can keep everything cooler


Help I was checking


I was check the slip on the supercharger and the spindle snapped so now I need to replace the spindle on the supercharger how fast can you do this is there an upgraded shaft that can be torqued on
I would like to get this done ASAP


I was not at 15 lbs of slip.


What do you mean by spindle? Can you take a pic? We can definitely get something out to you in the morning, overnighted if needed


Thanks for the response
The super charger spindle is trash basically. i over tightened the nut by the gear and it snaped off.
So my options are.

  1. Get a rebuild kit and install a new spindle or shaft.
  2. send to you to rebuild (how much time for you to rebuild)
  3. get a new supercharger the xxx-2 (do you have instock)
    this seems to be upgraded
  4. get the Et tech 68-140 extreme with the third bearing (do you have instock)
    Thanks for your answers. i will be checking my email tomorrow as i would like to get riding again this Wednesday


So the riva xxx IS an ET68-140…they just have ET anodize the wheels a different color. Killer supercharger for sure.

Rebuild from us would be the normal $435. You would still need to check slip after 5-10 hours, then regularly ever 15 hours for the ET137. (Same thing for the xxx as well).

To help you out, I can send you a good shape shaft if you want to try extracting the current one without damaging your bearings. Least expensive route, but also most risky.


Do you have either in stock that I could get by Monday


Yes XXX ready to go. ET would take a few weeks.


All ordered up. I was slipping at 12.5 lbs before so hopefully now it will be better


Things are going nice. I ordered up some 100 lbs injectors. I can not seem to get the fuel right and the speed up with the 50 lbs ones with the new xxx-2 charger.
At this point do you think i should also switching to a open loop for the engine. My lake is rarely over 80 degrees.Hopefully the injectors will help me standardize and then a riva tune will work and i can just go out and ride and beat everyone in the group by several boats


Sweet…anyone getting even close to your speed?

Open loop is the way to go now for sure.


Riding Last night
8350 rpm
only 12.5 boost with the xxx-2 charger so
at 8100 rpm i only had 12 pounds and should be at 15 pounds
top speed was only 70 mph (very disappointing)
i keep getting a h temp in the exhaust wich seems like i am maybe blowing out the water of the water box. I think this because with a rider on the back this doesnt seem to happen


I’m starting to wonder if you have a crack in you intake manifold and leaking some pressure. Im guessing there is a boost leak somewhere.


i have pressure tested to 22 psi and have fixed the leaks


And still only 12.5 psi? Double check clutch slip on that charger


what should it slip at


Are you getting any cavitation? If you’re hitting full RPMs and not cavitating, then your pump impeller needs to be changed


I get some Cavitation down low when i take off. I do not think i get any on the big end.
But why is it only 12.5 at 8100 when it should be 15.
and what is the proper slip point for the xxx-2 charger