SeaDoo Supercharger with ET137 Not getting boost


Have you gone through this?

IMPORTANT: Break in period for this supercharger is 3-4 hours. Check and/or adjust the slip on the SC shaft after 3-4 hours of operation after installation. Please refer to your Sea Doo service manual for this procedure. The slip moment setting for the Riva XXX-2 should be 15-18 foot lbs. For optimum performance, inspect/adjust the slip again in 10-20 hours (depending upon application & water conditions). Once you have noticed the slip has stabilized, you may go longer between slip inspections.


Any ideas about fixing the front cylnder oil tube it is constantly leaking
why is my stage three only running 70 mph


Did you follow that break-in procedure? Time to start bending that impeller out a bit and seeing what happens. Add 3mm to the trailing edge


yes i have followed and took out the supercharger and checked the slip at 16.5 lbs
will that add more thrust


So think of a car transmissionā€¦each gear is good for a certain RPM and MPH. The impellerā€™s pitch is similar. If you are topping out your RPMs and stuck at a slow speed, itā€™s like being in a lower gear. We need to add more pitch to get higher speed.

I like recommending @3ftDeep 's video on thisā€¦it shows you exactly what to do.