Seadoo trixx turbo


I just installed the turbo kit from vtech tuned on my 2017 seadoo trixx. I live at 6500 ft elevation and can’t get it to run very good. Top speed around 43 mph. I have checked all my connections to map sensor ecu and fuel injectors. And I checked for exhaust leaks. No issues found. Is seems like a fuel map issue but it may be something else. Anyone running this kit with success? Any help would be great.


Hey @BoostedSpark, maybe you have some insights?

You have the map tuner x with this, right? Have you tried logging with it?


Yes have mapx logging system installed, works great, a must for turbo setup and tunning


What map are you running? Riva/vtech should have sent you a turbo map with purchase


Thanks for chiming in! He is running the turbo map provided by VTECH.


Running v-tech. I took it back out this morning and it ran way better. Top speed around 63 mph. I will adjust pitch on prop after I install the ride plate. Ski was in limp mode. Cleared codes and reset tps.


Yes I have logged every ride. Viktor at v-tech has been really good to work with on this.


Thank you for responding. Forums are a great tool when people are willing to help.


Great, glad to hear his support is helping work out the bugs. Please keep posting details as I’m sure others will be looking for answers too


For shire. I will post pics and results as I go.


How are you liking that trixx turbo ? Are you popping 60 mph wheelies with it


Thing runs fast and hole shot is amazing.