Spark impeller pitch

for a bone stock 2019 spark trix 3up, what would be a good pitch in a solas impeller for more top speed. im putting a riva top loader intake grate on as well. i find it has plenty take off speed but id like more top end speed as i generally run it on the ocean. 12/15 seems to be what most people talk about liking for theirs but usually they are a bit modded machines.

12/17 works great

The 2nd number is the top end pitch so 12/17 should have a higher too speed than 12/15. From what I’ve read there is only a 1-2 mph top speed increase with an impeller change, there are other factors that limit going faster - drag, weight with rider, HP, etc.

I just installed a Solas 12/15 from impros (no retailer I could find stocked custom bends, only 12/14 & 12/17) because I want better launch and a little more top end than stock. I also installed a SS wear ring, the plastic one was all chewed up with grooves and there was a stick jammed in it. The change from an aluminum impeller and plastic wear ring to all SS will be a big improvement and shred sticks. Also installed a Worx intake which will block more debris than stock plastic.

I would contact your parts supplier or Solas and ask, they do a lot of R&D, my bet is that a 12/17 will be what you need. Going higher will actually lose top speed and make it a dog on the bottom end.