Spark over 55mph?


Anyone know what is required to get a spark trixx over 55mph without a turbo kit or an e85 tune?


Going to be hard to be consistently over 55 without at least E85. They hit a wall right around 53mph…even with all bolt ons. Figure a tune, ride plate, exhaust, impeller, intake grate, ribbon delete to get started.

What do you have done so far?


Just got the 12/17 impeller, exhaust and 110 tune. Going to add the ribbon delete and intake grate next. Which grate would you recommend? I had made another post asking about which grate. My draw back on E85 is the $10/gallon cost and having to constantly go buy containers of it.


The Worx does a good job of keeping it hooked up. It doesn’t add speed, per se, it just keeps you from losing it going from wave to wave.

53 mph is a good and achievable target for you. Might be able to squeak another MPH out of it here and there.


Is there any difference between the worx, r&d or RIVA? Is the seal kit worth it? 53mph is pretty decent with those upgrades.


They are all similar, but we’ve had best results with consistency and performance out of the Worx. Seal kit will help you keep from cavitating from air being trapped in the voids…I recommend it. Add a rideplate (we liked R&D for that) and you’ll be set.




Easiest fix is sell the spark and buy a proper Jet Ski if you want speed :slight_smile: Even an old GP1200 will go more than 55mph :slight_smile: