Spark Wear Ring


I have a 2016 Spark 3up. Took it out for the first time yesterday. Having never ridden a Spark I assumed it was just the way the vehicle was when I was using it for a while that day. Seemed to take a little long to get on plane and would only hit 40’s with me on it (225 lbs). As the day progressed we got more aggressive and flipped it. After that it wouldn’t get on plane with me and my nephew on it (225+130). I’m thinking wear ring, it revs just no umph. I am considering replacing the impeller at this time as well. Which would you recommend? I am going to do the 110 flash this winter. And also what are the pros and cons of the SS wear ring?


Definitely sounds like wear ring. The SS wear ring will sacrifice the impeller if something gets sucked up. Otherwise it is nice and tight and prevents the OEM plastic from wearing out quickly…something the Spark is prone to do