Speedster 200 supercharger rebuild/ gear damage

hey Joe… new to the forum, heard good things about you guys! nice job, appreciate the work your doing. in process of ordering your rebuild service and need some help, as i dont want to band aid or rebuild to have go down again. i am concerned with collateral damage. 2007 speedster, 430hp, just bought from 1st owner. 75hrs on it, great shape, had washer upgrade done 4yrs ago. had out on water one time, left supercharger went out. pulled charger: bearing out, top of all teeth on drive gear broken, housing scored (not majorly scored), some aluminum powder in the throttle body tube.

im no dummy, but a long way from 4tec expert

-if gear is out, and housing a bit scored can u still rebuild?
-with drive gear teeth worn off, what else would u recommend i do (what else needs swapped, pulled, etc… starter gear?)
-fairly handy: can starter gear/ housing/ gasket be installed in garage with normal tools or is this more of a dealer job?
-does motor need pulled to swap starter gear?

i can send pics, call, whatever else helps.


Hey CJ,
Bad news first, you’ll have to get inside the engine.
Good news, we can rebuild that supercharger.

So starting with the supercharger…
The aluminum powder is a sign that there was a touch down of the impeller. Not surprising given the bearing failure. The impeller will almost certainly need to be replaced. If the housing isn’t majorly scored, we can clean it up and reuse without any real issues.

If that rear bearing is gone, you’ll have parts that dropped down into the engine. The rear oil pump is right below the supercharger, and will suck up what ever is near it, so this must be addressed. The main concern, however, is the gear being broken. This may mean that the flywheel is damaged and must be replaced.

If you are not familiar/comfortable with pulling and engine, then I’d leave it to a dealer or 3rd party mechanic. If you go that route, remember that not all dealers or shops are made the same…be sure to check around and get reviews/quotes.

You can do it in your garage but will be a decent undertaking, especially for your first time. That said, it is done all the time and there are tons of resources to help you out along the way. All 4-tecs are virtually the same, so you can use references from the ski world without problem.

thanks for the quick reply… the housing definitely had a touchdown (scorings. maybe i would be best just to buy a new one? concern with using housing that is scored, i would lose boost. do u sell complete ready to install charger with upgraded washers?

thoughts on just changing oil if the gear/ bearing dont look “terrible”.?

We have x chargers in stock and ready to go. Inspect your fly wheel and see what all the teeth look like

I would not run that engine until I cleaned up debris from the oil galleys like Joe said reason being is you do not want catastrophic failure with engine 4 tecs are not cheep

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